Green Clean Helps You Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

All our Green Cleaners are easy to apply. They are very effective cleaners that are also biodegradable. They won’t damage the environment in a way that harsh bleach and chemicals could. We call them ‘green cleaners’.

Our Green Clean products are safe to use around pets and children once dry. Our outdoor cleaners are very effective at removing greenery such as algae, black mould and moss from many surfaces.

These surfaces could include patio and driveway block paving, stone or concrete paving slabs, brick or concrete walls. Decking,timber sheds, wooden surfaces such as fencing and garden furniture. Roof tiles and slates.

BEST OF ALL! There is no scrubbing, rinsing or jet washing needed! Just apply and leave. Simple.

If you want to read our reviews of the best-selling patio cleaners for removing green algae and moss from paving you can do so here on our paving website. There you can find reviews on many green clean products that you can buy with large discounts of up to 50% off retail prices.

Gradual cleaning that continues to clean

Our green cleaners don’t give you instant results. They will not clean your patio paving, concrete or wooden fencing instantly like you would get if you were using a jet washer.

What they will give you is a gradual & continuous cleaning. Every time it rains your surface becomes a little cleaner. But you definitely see visible results in 2-3 days.

In the first few hours after applying the cleaner you may feel as though it has had no effect as you see no instant results. But within a couple of days, and for the next few months you will see visible results.

And best of all! Green Clean will keep on keeping your surface clean and algae & moss free for up to 12 months after application of the cleaner.